About Us

Korlander Guest House
Galilee Experience in Shea’r Yashuv

Galilee Experience

The Kurlender guest house is an accommodations complex, located, in the beautiful upper Galilee, in Moshav Shea’r Yashuv, near the Banias stream at the foot of the Golan Heights. The guest house is situated in the peaceful “moshav” near an organic orange grove, and provides a perfect point of departure for treks, tours, and other attractions in the area.

What is Inside the Complex?

Inside our complex, you’ll find accommodations fit for families, small groups and couples – as well as a hostel for travelers. Our rooms offers double and single beds, baby cribs, cable TV, equipped kitchens, seating area, balcony and a large yard, barbeque area, trampoline and more.

And yes, you can bring your pet.

And here are some reasons To choose us

suited for couples

And large families

Travelers Hostel

Kitchens Fully equipped

Wide lawns

Pets allowed

2 minutes from the stream

Exit points To attractions

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